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هذا الشعار مستوحى من شعار المركز الدولي للأبحاث و الدراسات العبرمناهجية، عن رسم أصلي للفنان البرتغالي الراحل ليماده فريتاس

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Akram Antaki


Michael Nagler


There is a special bond between people dedicated to a cause they feel deep in their soul must be true, especially when that cause seems to be in a distant future and they themselves are in a small minority – even, sometimes, a minority that causes others to fear them.  Such a cause is nonviolence, and our mutual dedication to nonviolence is what bound Akram Antaki and myself in a friendship that, I dare to say, has not ended with Akram’s passing.

I deeply admired my friend for his courage, for the courage and integrity that kept him in a country torn by strife, putting out his desperately needed message of nonviolence where it was most needed but sometimes least appreciated.  I was very glad, and grateful to him for translating my book, The Search for a Nonviolent Future, and making it available not only in his native Syria but throughout the Arab World.  When that future finally comes about, people everywhere will look back in deep appreciation for the role that he played.

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