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Congratulations! May Maaber be a maaber to a deeper self-knowledge and a more transparent sense of existence.

Suha Naimy, Beirut


Thank you for sending me this letter. The webzine is great! Fawzan (my husband) and I liked it very much, as it contains so many important and interesting subjects. We both wish you all the best and we thank you for this wonderful effort.

If we can do anything to help or support you, please dont hesitate to ask.

Lama al-Akhras, Sydney


Big Bang !

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Jai visit le nouveau site de Maaber et jai commenc par lire lditorial. En fait, il reflte parfaitement lidentit de notre webzine. Surtout parce quil fait allusion au fait que chaque contribution est le fruit dune exprience personnelle, et, par l, invite le lecteur, non pas adopter une approche dogmatique, mais tenter sa propre exprience ; chose trs importante. Jai aim aussi le mot  amis  que [lditorialiste a] utilis tout au long du texte, ce qui donne limpression que tout lecteur ou contribuant sera, demble, un  ami  qui viendra saligner aux  amis  et les soutenir. Je peux donc dire que cest un trs bon travail. [] Merci les  amis  !

Seulement, je trouve quil vaudrait mieux ajouter un rsum au dbut de chaque article parce que le lecteur na pas le temps de lire un article dune vingtaine de pages sur Internet sil nest pas davance intress par le sujet ou attir par le nom de lauteur. Le rsum est une sorte dinvitation effectuer une lecture plus profonde du sujet en question.

Nabil Mohsen, Tripoli (Liban)


Jai t visit le site de la revue. Je trouve que cest bien fait. Mais essayez davoir plus de contraste entre le fond et le texte pour amliorer la lecture. Je ne sais pas encore comment je collaborerai la revue.

Samir Coussa, Montral


Congratulations for Maaber. We are willing to cooperate to enrich your site and hope it spreads rapidly. [] We are translating Krishnamurti into Arabic. We are in the process of the final editing of Think on These Things, a book of questions and answers from dialogues with young students parents and teachers.

Youssef Abagui, Cairo


It was wonderful to hear about the birth of your e-zine. It is a small step towards a great project, and a fruitful cooperation between real friends. I wish you all the best in doing more and more activities, and send you a very big MABROOOOOOOK from the Shams.

Salam al-Baba, Abu Dhabi (U.A.E.)


Im very glad that I found people who are interested in K[rishnamurti] in the Arab world. []

The message [of the Maaberuna club] reflects a great openness and a free spirit. Ill be glad to visit [it]. []

I was impressed by the openness and variety of subjects that you have. [] Do you write often about K on your website or any other publication? Are there others who are interested in K teachings besides you in Syria? Has anyone tried to translate his books?

Zafira Labadi, Amman


Nous avons dabord jet un regard sur lensemble du 1er numro et lu ensemble lÉditorial. Limpression gnrale a t bonne. Maintenant, chacun de son ct, pendant son temps libre, lit en dtail des articles. Personnellement, jai lu les articles du Dr Nabil [Mohsen], de Nadra Yazeji et ltude critique de lessai sur la rincarnation. Zahida a lu larticle sur Tagore et celui de Basarab [Nicolescu]. En gnral, cest un effort louable quil faut poursuivre avec le mme srieux et, surtout, avec persvrance. Toutes nos flicitations ! []

Zahida est en train de terminer son livre sur Le Livre I [dAdonis]. Il paratra Dar an-Nahar probablement fin dcembre. Voil une nouvelle matire pour Maaber !

Jean & Zahida Jabbour, Tripoli (Liban)






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I cannot believe we have such a gift in the Arab world. I am very impressed. [] Please, open up at This is the science of the Universe. Another site is [] You are the first Arabs who speak spirituality. Islam is spirituality and meditation and all. Lā ilāha illā-l-Lāh is all. But what can we do with the sleeping, snoring, heads?! []

Your Maaber is our passageway too. Let us all hold hands and cross it together. We need you to help us spread Macrobiotics in Arabicthe Arabic way of eating and taking care of this amāna. Philosophy is one way; but we, Arabs, why eat Japanese? Our way is for us. Just a little awareness about food and bodythis is what is needed.

Osho has a book From Medication to Meditation and there are many Macrobiotics books by Kushi and by Oshawa. Many Arabs have the same aspiration, but we need to help each other. Reading is our food too. Iqra, Allah said, but we, Arabs, are not that much into books.

Inshaallah, in our Maaber we will bridge this gap and publish articles about health consciousness. I am going to speak about your website through the TV. Let us scream the truth out.

Mariam Nour, Lebanon


Let us make Maaberuna the common ground where intelligent people meet and relate to one another, witnesses to the Oneness of the Sacred in the varieties of the many.

Issa (Chris) Mirana, Sydney


Merci for sending me the new issue of Maaber. []

I really admire the text of Nabil Mohsen on alternative psychotherapy and I wish you good luck.

Samer Darwiche, Tripoli (Lebanon)


Jai fait imprimer sur papier tous les articles et je suis en train de les lire avec Zahida. Cest loccasion de [vous] dire combien on a t touchs par cet ditorial trs profond. Merci de cette rflexion limpide et transparente []. Un grand courage dans [vos] projets et flicitations pour Maaber qui consolide ses pas.

Jean et Zahida Jabbour, Tripoli (Liban)


Ive just checked your website. I am very impressed. Its a huge work. Bravo!

Wishing you success all through the way.

Lina Hamzeh, Damascus


There are too many topics/subjects in Maaber. Is it supposed to contain all these? It could be confusing. Quantity will eventually sacrifice Quality.

Insight, on the other hand, usually takes place in QUALITY. (It may also occur in quantity, but its ground is in Quality.) Quality touches the reader instantly, like a lightning in the dark sky. Quality hosts the reader in the serious issues of life. Quantity tends to confuse. But if you intend for Maaber to have a cultural vocation, then it must contain quantity, as it is now.

Just a thought

Chris Mirana, Sydney


Cest avec joie que jai lu Maaber. Je salue tous les amis qui ont particip la naissance du webzine. Puis-je vous tre utile en quelque chose ?

Jihad al-Khouri, Paris


First, I would like to mention that I am really impressed by the level that Maaber has achieved in such a short period of time.

Secondly, it was a pleasant surprise for me to read some of Ammar Abdulhamids texts on your website.

Maen Zakkar, Toronto


To those who are working hard to build bridgesmaaberto the real Self and Happiness, I have to express my thanks: Thank you!

Gihad Nakhleh, Damascus


What a beautiful surprise! I am very proud of [] the Maaber team. I like the name Maaber. Just recently I was talking to an Arab-American that we are the bridges which connect the Arab and the American worlds.

Judette Haddad, Michigan, U.S.A.


I live in the United States and I closely read most of the articles in your website. I would like to congratulate you for all the efforts made to make such a site a reality.

I have though some suggestions that might make your site better:

  1. Why dont you translate most articles into English (or even French)? I guess that will help more readers, Arabs and non-Arabs, to benefit from these articles.
  2. Why dont you consider putting a photo of each writer next to his/her article and preview about his/her life and work? That might add more color to the material in general.

Mahmoud Jadid, Houston (Texas)


Thank you very much for this most wonderful website!

Keep creating more pages of pure light to brighten our long Arabian Night.

Turki Amer, Harfis, Galilee (Palestine)


Salām alaikum,

I found you in the list of the Sufi Order International and will let you know that I like your website!

Lā ilāha illā-l-Lāh, Hū.

Ansari Shahbaz


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Thanks a lot, from the heart, [for the nice gift you gave me for this New Year].
Actually, this is part of what I lack here in Japan. Does it fit? Of course, it does! As for feedback, I wonder what kind of feedback you want: the contents, specific contents or design and technical matters? Anyway, I will say now my first impressions:

The table of contents: For sure, it contains a lot of names and subjects I was always interested in. For example: Mr Nadra Yazeji, Firas Sawah (although I dont agree with some of his findings), and, of course, [the] writings about C.G.Jung and your very well chosen and done translations.
Besides, I had attended before lectures by Akram Antaki, Waheeb Kayrouz and Nabil Mohsen. And it is a very nice chance to know Aban Zerkely the writer, not the musician. Browsing through other subjects I became very sure: it is a place I would like to visit always.


I forwarded this address to some of my friends who might be interested.

Shadi Hijazi, Kobe (Japan)


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I cannot say more than I was shocked!

Suddenly, out of wars, worries, pain, and agony, one reaches such a quiet and safe harbour All that serenity, starting from the content and ending with that sweet music.

Congratulations for this great site and thank you for the uplifting moments you gave me while reading.

Saad S. Khalis


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La Charte de la Transdisciplinarit vient dtre publie en arabe la page de lexcellent site arabe transdisciplinaire (en Syrie) Maaber :

Basarab Nicolescu, Paris


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It has been one year already! One year of Maaber, the oasis of love in the desert of hatred. In the editorial of the last issue you listed some points of success and failure. What is true is that Maaber is developing day after day. It is there, and it is a part of many peoples thought arsenal. This is not a small thing at all! Communication in Maaberuna might be not that effective, due, perhaps, to language problems [...]. The reason might be also technical []. But, in spite of these weak points, Maaber and Maaberuna are growing. This silent period will finish soon I hope. Yahoo! will develop its clubs, and we might discuss in Arabic rather than in English. It is true, we might lose some contributors, but this would be better than the scary silence! It was a very nice year with Maaber, but I hope this year will be nicer and much more fruitful.

Shadi Hijazi, Kobe (Japan)


The clouded conditions of the world and of human consciousness, during the last weeks [due to the events of Sep 11], have kept me from writing to you earlier.

I was impressed and happy by your recent ventures, especially Maaber. Congratulations! I wish you good energy and great clarity of thought. We all need clarity and lucidity in our confused times. Yes, we, clear thinkers and creators, are the builders of the 21st century. And we shall prevail.

Henryk Skolimowski, Warsaw


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Its a great site you have. Keep up the good work!

How your translations are done? How much do they cost?

Saleh Amin Majaj


Jai t TRÈS agrablement surpris par votre webzine. Gnial ! Juste ce quil me fallait au cur de lgarement spirituel de lOccident o je vis ; et juste ce quil me fallait en ce moment prcis de ma qute de Vrit. []

Tout cela pour dire que jai eu normment de plaisir lire TOUS les articles [] et que jaimerais bien apporter une modeste contribution Maaber.

[] je vous dis encore une fois BRAVO et surtout CONTINUEZ.

Moussa al-Houchi, Paris